Thursday, 24 June 2010

End of our Bachelor Project - but not the End of Sendinel

During the last nine months we have been developing Sendinel as part of our graduation. Now this project ends, but even though we will not be involved with the same intensity anymore, the development of Sendinel will hopefully continue.

The system is still used in the clinic where we deployed it some months ago. More clinics are currently investigating the possible deployment. A company from South Africa is interested in taking care of the development. So Sendinel will continue to grow and help people.

If you want to participate just start developing and share your progress with .
We are excited about the future of Sendinel and hope you as well.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Video on Sendinel now also in English

The movie, which our institute has shot about the development of Sendinel, is now also available in English. So enjoy!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Release of Sendinel Version 0.3

Today we release a new version of Sendinel. As usual it is available for download on our project page and we have also updated the demo system.

In this release we have made final adjustments of the system. For example when you want to register a patient for a missing medicine, it is now possible to immediately add the missing medicine to the list.
We have also written a Developer Documentation (html|pdf). We think it is a great starting point for everyone who wants to start extending Sendinel with own code.

We encourage everyone to continue working with and on Sendinel. We provide documentations for developers and users, an installation guide and a solid code base which should make it easy for interested people to get going.

This release is going to be the last one from our team since we will now focus on writing our bachelor thesis.

Bachelorpodium and Project Poster

Project Poster
Every year all bachelor projects from the Hasso-Plattner-Institut present their results at the Bachelorpodium. We will also present Sendinel there. The Bachelorpodium takes place on July 2nd starting 16:00 MESZ at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam, Germany. You can follow the Bacherlorpodium on a live stream at the tele-taching platform provided by the Hasso-Plattner-Institut:

We also have prepared a poster which describes Sendinel and its use cases. The text is written in german, because the Bachelorpodium is also held in German.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Related Projects

In this post we would like to refer to other projects who work on the same topic like Sendinel. All projects are Open Source Software and focus on developing countries.

OpenMRS is an electronic medical record system, where the patients' data is saved and processed in the hospital. They are working on a messaging module, which will allow the patient and the hospital to communicate by using mobile phones.

ResultsSMS works on secure delivery of test results to the patients via SMS.

FrontlineSMS focuses on delivering and analyzing bulk SMS.

TxtAlert sends SMS to remind patients of appointments.

So let's see what is similar and what is different in these projects.
The core idea of Sendinel (notifying and reminding patients) is very similar to TxtAlert. ResultsSMS focuses solely on delivering test results. Sendinel does not support that but only sends the notification that test results are ready to be picked up. Therefore ResultsSMS puts much more emphasis on security questions than Sendinel.

OpenMRS is supporting the complete hospital workflow from patients entering the hospital to leaving it again. Sendinel on the other hand only tackles the sending of information. FrontlineSMS is a very generic solution that is not specially tailored to the hospital use case.

In contrast to all the other projects Sendinel supports not only SMS but also VoiceCalls or Bluetooth as alternative ways of communication.

As you can see, the area of mobile communication in the health sector is something a lot of people see potential in and actually take effort to work on. We are proud to be able to contribute to this sector.

Please feel free to add more projects in the comments.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Video on Sendinel at HPI-TV

Our institute has made a movie about the development of Sendinel. You can see the video below. Unfortunately it is in German only at the moment, but we hope to be able to provide an English version in the near future.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Release of Sendinel Version 0.2

Today we have released Sendinel 0.2. There are a few new features:
  • You can now put patients on waiting lists for medicine
  • Bluetooth has been added to the ways of communication
  • Authentication can be switched on

Medicine Waiting Lists
We have added a new feature group, the waiting lists for medicine.

When the clinic is out of stock for a medicine and some patient should get it, the patient can be assigned to the waiting list. If the medicine arrives at the clinic, the clinic staff can send a message to all patients who are currently waiting for it.

Up till now patients could be contacted using sms or phone calls. When it comes to appointment reminders however, you could also just use calendar entries to remind them. So from this release on you can also push calendar entries on the patients' mobile phones to remind them of their appointment. This option is an especially good extension to the other ways of communication, since it doesn't generate any costs at all.
If you do not want to use Bluetooth, it can be switched off via the

If you want to make sure, that the patients can really be reached under the telephone number they told you, you can switch on authentication. Then every time that the patients' phone number has to be entered, the patient is asked to authenticate the number. In order to do so, the patient has to ring the number of the SIM card that sticks in the UMTS-stick. If Sendinel recognizes an incoming call with the same number as told by the patient, the number is authenticated.
Sendinel does not answer the call of the patient, so this feature does not generate any costs for the patient.

The release can be found on the project page. You can check out the current version on our live demo system. Of course the user manual (html|pdf) and the installation instructions (html|pdf) are revised as well.

This release is the last release with new features from the bachelor project team in its current form. We hope however that Sendinel will continue to exist and be further developed by other people. It looks very good right now that this will happen.